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Esports Betting in Canada: The Ultimate Guide for 2024
7 min read

Esports Betting in Canada: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

5 min read

With the introduction of esports betting in Canada, you can enjoy gambling in a vibrant market that getting bigger all the time, but what exactly does it cover? Esports is the name given to competitive gaming, where pro teams face each other in organized events. It’s been around since the 1980s in one way or another but exploded in popularity in the last decade thanks to the way we can now stream games using YouTube and Twitch. It’s now possible for us to watch the best pro esports teams in the world play live and bet on the outcome in real-time. Or else look ahead and wager on what might happen in future events. Yet, this hasn’t always been the case and the relative newness of the industry means that a lot of people are still unsure how it works and whether it’s even fully legal for them to take part in. While it has been a worldwide phenomenon, Canada has been one of the countries leading the way, with great esports teams and many fans. This has led to the emergence of esports betting sites where Canadians can use their knowledge to wager on which teams they think will win the upcoming matches and events. The example of Jack’s House lets you see how this works, as they operate a licensed esports betting operation for Canadians that includes many of the biggest games and international events for members to wager on. This industry seems set to carry on growing as more people find out about it.

Table of Contents

Is Esports Betting Legal in Canada?Canada’s Favorite Esports Betting OptionsWhich Canadian Esports Teams Should You Bet On?What Types of Esports Bets Are There?Esports Betting in Canada Promotions and Bonuses

Is Esports Betting Legal in Canada?

In terms of the regulations for esports betting, Ontario was the first province to make it legal for Canadians to wager on these events online. This change happened in 2022 and since then we’ve seen the majority of the other provinces take the opportunity to make online betting legal.  

Therefore, you can legally bet online on esports events provided that you live in a province with regulations in place. You just need to look for a site that’s licensed to operate there and has a selection of esports betting that you like the look of.

The introduction of these regulations has ensured that betting on esport in Canada is now a safe and controlled activity. All of the regulated sites need to comply with the current laws and that means that it’s more transparent and secure for everyone involved.

Canada’s Favorite Esports Betting Options

The classic games that are most widely played in competitive gaming tournaments are the same titles that esports fans love to bet on. If you’re interested in carrying out esports betting in Canada, the following games are most likely to grab your attention.

Lol. With the release of League of Legends in 2009, Riot Games gave the esports industry a massive boost. It may be a few years old now, but LoL remains the most popular game in pro gaming events. Part of the MOBA genre, it features two teams with five players each and the biggest tournaments attract massive audiences. This means that plenty of fans look for ways to bet on events such as the League of Legends World Championship, which brings the season to a close and lets us see which team is the best in the world each year.

CS: GO. With the full name of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this game was introduced to the market by Valve in 2012 and was an immediate success. It’s part of the Counter-Strike franchise that began in 2000 and has been part of the esports industry from the beginning. It’s played in many events throughout the year such as the ESL Pro League and the BLAST Premier.  From 2023 onwards, it’s being replaced by the upgraded CS2 game in the major tournaments but seems likely to continue being popular.  

Dota 2. Another of the best options when betting on esports in Canada, Dota 2 was brought onto the market by Valve in 2013 and is a MOBA-style game. Two teams of five players each attempt to defend their bases while attacking the other. Each player controls a hero with unique abilities and it’s been a hugely successful esports game thanks to the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) and The International. From 2024 onwards, the DPC will be replaced by a new tournament but expect this game to stay as popular as ever.

Valorant. Set up in the first-person view as a tactical hero shooter, Valorant was released in 2020 by Riot Games and features two teams with five members each. Every player has their own abilities, while one team is designated as attacking the other. In the pro esports world, the Valorant Champions Tour features 30 franchised teams and began in the 2023 season. It’s already become one of the top games in the esports scene and is something we can look forward to seeing a lot more of.

Which Canadian Esports Teams Should You Bet On?

You might decide that betting on Canadian esports teams gives you an even better way of enjoying these games. In that case, you could take a look at the following teams and decide which ones you want to follow.

Toronto Serenity

Best known for their Valorant team, Toronto Serenity also fields teams in Fortnite. If you’re in Toronto, you might enjoy following this team, seeing how they get on, and betting on their success. If you want to see what upcoming events Toronto Serenity is going to take part in, you can keep an eye on their Discord channel.

Mirage Esports

Based in Quebec, Mirage Esports fields teams in various games such as League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, and Rainbow 6. They’re active on a variety of social media sites, so it’s pretty easy to find out the latest information on what they’re up to and what events they’re going to be taking part in next.

Overactive Media

The Toronto Ultra and Toronto Defiant esports teams are both part of this organization. In fact, Overactive Media calls itself the biggest esports ownership group in Canada and they’ve expanded into offices in Spain and Germany too. Each of their teams has content creators as well as players, so you’ll always find something about them to watch.

Parabellum Esports

With teams taking part in games such as Rocket League and CS: GO, this Canadian organization is going to give you different opportunities if you want to bet on how they get on. They’ve uploaded podcasts and YouTube videos in the past, so they like a varied approach to staying in touch.

Raptors Uprising

Taking part in the NBA2K league, the Raptors Uprising is a virtual basketball team. You can follow the team in general on social media or follow your favorite players from the roster.

Luminosity Gaming

Few esports organizations in Canada have teams in as many leagues as Luminosity. They play in Call of Duty and Apex Legends tournaments, among others, and also won the 2023 Pokémon Unite World Championships.

Lazarus Esports

Another group with a multi-game focus, Lazarus has teams taking part in a variety of fighting games and sports titles. Golf and hockey are among their strongest events.

Vancouver Titans

This Overwatch team from Vancouver typically has a busy schedule as they attempt to work their way through a tough season in one of the most competitive video games.

What Types of Esports Bets Are There?

The exact type of esports bets you’ll find will depend on the game you choose. However, in just about every case you’ll find odds on the outright winner of the match with a favorite and an underdog listed. You should also find the odds listed for the winner of major tournaments.

Understanding the gameplay well is a great advantage if you’re going to look at bets on individual parts of a game like maps or rounds won and kills completed. If you’ve bet on sports before, you should feel comfortable with alternative bets such as over/under and handicap. Each bet type has odds listed next to it and when you choose that wager you’ll see a bet slip appear. Put the amount of your bet into the slip and this will show you how much you could potentially win.

Esports Betting in Canada Promotions and Bonuses

One of the best aspects of esports betting in Canada right now is that you can collect bonuses and promotions as you play. This is especially important when you’re getting started and would like a helping hand as you start to explore the options available to you.

The best sites give you a welcome package that makes it easy to start placing your first bets. This can consist of bonus funds added to your initial deposit or free bets. Once you’re settled in, you should look out for the regular offers for existing players, as they can help you carry on betting by giving you something extra for free.

You might find that each deposit you make on a certain day of the week has a boost that gives you more funds for free. Or you might get boosted odds on a certain event or a cashback as a percentage of your weekly losses. Either way, staying informed of the latest offers is going to make it easier for you to enjoy betting on esports in Canada.

Esports Betting in Canada at Jack’s House – Sign Up Now!

If you’re now ready to take the next step and register with the best esports betting Canada site, you should check out Jack’s house. This is a licensed and regulated betting site where you can find odds on the biggest games and competitions around the planet.

Register using the short sign-up process and you’ll be ready to add real money funds for your wagers. This part is easy too, as you can use your favorite cryptocurrency to move money in and out of your account with no delays. As for security, you shouldn’t have any issues due to the use of the latest technology and their regulated approach that ensures you’re always on the right side of the law.  

Look out for the best bonuses too, as you can pick up deals that make it easier for you to carry on wagering on all the games that interest you. Join the Canadian players enjoying the esports betting scene at Jack’s House and you’ll find many ways of getting involved and having fun.

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