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Dota 2 Betting: The Ultimate Guide for 2024
7 min read

Dota 2 Betting: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

Rachel G.


5 minutes

What do you need to know about Dota 2 betting in 2024? Take a look at the current market and see how you can start to bet on this game without any fuss.

Table of Contents

Dota 2 OverviewDota 2 BettingBetting Tips

Why has Dota 2 betting remained such big news that it’s still a hot topic at the start of 2024? Dota 2 has proved to be a massively successful game for more than a decade, with millions of players from every corner of the planet enjoying it since its launch in 2013.  

The ongoing popularity of this game has led to a thriving esports betting market where you can place wagers on the outcome of big games between the most-followed pro teams. What do you need to know about this type of betting and how can you get started smoothly?   

What is Dota 2?  

To understand the reasons Dota 2 has made such an impact, we need to look back further than its 2013 release. It was based on the Defense of the Ancients online battle arena game, which in turn had been inspired by other games in the genre. So, Dota 2 comes from a long line of multiplayer games where players work as a team to defeat their rivals. 

It was created by Valve, first as a Beta version, and was a hit from the very start. With two teams of five facing each other, it provides players with the chance to carry out complex strategies and work together, which has helped to keep it feeling fresh and challenging even after so long. 

In fact, Dota 2 has become a global phenomenon. The fact it’s free-to-play helps it to remain popular, with options for loot boxes and subscriptions driving Valve’s revenue from the game without restricting those players who just want some free action.  

How Is Dota 2 Played?  

Created by Valve, Dota 2 has two teams which are made up of five players each. Every one of these players is a hero with a unique style and powers. The objective is to protect their base while destroying the Ancient that sits in the rival team’s base. 

From this apparently simple starting point, we get a game that’s famously complex and difficult to master. If you’re planning to play it for the first time, you’ll find plenty of online tutorials and tips to help you get started. The map is divided into two sides - known as Radiant and Dire - and there are three lanes; top, middle, and and bottom. 

With enemies to seek out and other hazards to avoid, many strategies can be used to play Dota 2. Of course, the pro teams are all made up of highly-trained members who know the game extremely well and have great communication among themselves. Therefore, the way that these teams play is often very different from how casual players do it, with more complex and coordinated strategies used in pro games.  Pro games tend to last somewhere between 15 and 70 minutes.  

Dota 2 Betting in 2024

Dota 2 Betting in 2024  

This is one of the most important games in the esports scene, where pro teams compete against each other in tournaments where a large amount of prize money is at stake. The massive growth of this industry has led to a vibrant betting market opening up around it. 

Fans can now watch their favorite teams take part and bet on the outcome, just as they do with traditional sports like football and baseball. The first point to understand about betting on Dota 2 in 2024 is that the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) was the most important element but ended in 2023. This competition was first held in 2011, when the game was still in its beta stage, and is to be replaced in 2024 by smaller, grassroots tournaments. 

For more than a decade, The International has been the annual world championship for Dota 2 players. The 2024 version will be held later in the year, with Seattle mentioned as a possible venue at the time of writing. Without the DPC this year, a variety of smaller tournaments like Kuala Lumpur 2023, ESL One Europe, and the DreamLeague Seasons 22 and 23 will be used for ranking and qualification purposes. 

All of this means that there are more betting options than ever before in 2024. You can look for the latest Dota betting odds on upcoming tournaments. You’ll find the odds for the teams taking part, with Gaimin Gladiators, Team Spirit, and Xtreme Gaming among the top-ranked teams right now.  

There are different ways of carrying out Dota 2 gambling on the games in these tournaments, which we’ll look at in a moment. For the moment, it seems likely that the betting markets on this game carry on growing in 2024 as this new tournament adds to the appeal. 

How to Bet on Dota 2 

How to Bet on Dota 2 

Betting on Dota 2 is easy these days, with professional online esports betting sites letting you get started in next to no time. Follow these steps to understand the way to start betting on the tournaments and teams that interest you.   

Why Is Dota 2 Betting So Popular?  

Why has placing wagers on this game become such a popular activity among fans? The following are some of the reasons that Dota 2 betting in the USA, Canada and elsewhere continues to grow and attract newcomers. 

Betting in Dota 2 Tournaments 

As we’ve seen, 2024 is a crucial year in Dota 2 esports, as a new way of organizing the biggest tournaments has come into effect. This means that you can now look for a variety of interesting tournaments throughout the year to find the teams and bets you want to make. 

It all builds up to The International, as in other years. This is where the very best teams take part, and it’s sure to lead to a surge in Dota 2 gambling when it takes place. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that following the action throughout the year gives you more possibilities of finding wagers that you like the look of. 

Which Dota 2 Players Can You Bet On?  

Since this is a team game, you’re most likely to bet on how well a team does rather than an individual player. However, many fans have favorite players they like to follow, so understanding the current stars in the top teams isn’t a bad idea. We can see the likes of Dyrachyo and Quinn at Gaimin Gladiators and Larl from Team Spirit among the best players you might like to keep an eye out for. Team Liquid is another successful Dota 2 team, with players including MiCKe and Nisha among the stars in their ranks.   

Reasons to Try Dota 2 Betting Today 

Reasons to Try Dota 2 Betting Today 

With more people deciding to give Dota 2 betting a try, you might be wondering whether the time is right to join them. Here are a few of the main reasons to start placing esports bets that you might like to take into account. 

Different Types of Dota 2 Gambling  

Perhaps the simplest type of Dota 2 wager is where you simply bet on the winner of a match, but there are many other options open to you. For example, you can predict the winner of a certain map or bet on who makes the first kill in the match. Total kills and total towers are other popular bet types.  

Another option sees you bet on the overall winner of a tournament, either before it starts or once it's underway. This range of bets is why it makes sense to check out the current list of Dota 2 betting odds and see which bets appear most attractive to you.  

Why Is Dota 2 Betting Different From Traditional Sports Betting?  

From the details we’ve looked at so far, you’ll see that esports betting has some points in common with traditional sports betting. However, there are also some differences that you need to be aware of. The main difference is that the bet types are different, as Dota 2 wagers include aspects like the number of maps won and the number of kills.  

While some people are likely to be fans of traditional sports and esports, it’s also worth pointing out that the audience for Dota 2 betting is different from the audience for classic sports. This means that they may be more likely to be digitally focused individuals who are extremely comfortable researching online before wagering. It’s an important point, as some people feel that there's more chance of registering a big win on an underdog victory in esports. 

The Best Dota 2 Teams to Bet On  

This a massively competitive scene, with many teams battling for the biggest prizes.  

Dota 2 Betting Tips 

Getting started with Dota 2 betting is simple but if you want to make a success of this activity, there are some useful tips you need to know about.  

Esports Betting at Jack’s House – Sign Up Now! 

There are plenty of reasons to start to enjoy Dota 2 betting, and Jack’s House is the ideal place to carry it out. You can register as a new user and verify your account in a matter of minutes. Use crypto funds to add money in a safe, secure way and you’re ready to gamble right away. 

You’ll find a big range of esports games and tournaments to bet on here. Before you do that, be sure to collect your welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. This gives you extra funds to enjoy gambling with and boosts your chances of getting some wins.    

You’ll feel right at home once you get started on this site, with an easy-to-use layout so that you get around without any issues. You don’t need to be a Dota 2 expert or know a lot about online betting to start placing some wagers, as everything is explained in this article and the site’s FAQ section. 

Collect your welcome bonus from Jack’s House and get ready to start your Dota 2 betting in a place you can trust and where you’ll find the best odds on all the major tournaments you want to follow.  

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