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CSGO Skin Gambling: Top 5 Alternatives to Skin Betting (2024)
7 min read

CSGO Skin Gambling: Top 5 Alternatives to Skin Betting (2024)

6 min read

Whether you’ve already heard of CS: GO skin gambling or not, now is great time to find out what it’s all about. If you love playing this game and you want to find out about how to bet on it, this might sound like a possible way to do so conveniently, but is there more to it than meets the eye that means you should be wary of doing it?Take a look at the basics of how to bet a skin on CS: GO and what it really means. You can also find out about other ways of gambling on this tactical shooter that might suit you better and give you a chance of winning real money. In this way, you’ll soon find out how to combine CS: GO and gambling in the most sensible fashion and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Table of Contents

What is CS: GO Skin Gambling?Top Alternatives to CS: GO Skin Gambling SitesHow CS: GO Skin Gambling Works?Future of Legit CS: GO Skin GamblingHistory of CS: GO Skin GamblingHow Do People Bet with Skins?

What is CS: GO Skin Gambling?

The starting point in understanding this is with a look at what a CS: GO skin is. This is an image that gets applied to a weapon in the game meaning it changes the item’s look but not its functionality. You can get skins in several ways, such as by buying and opening boxes or getting one free in the regular drops for players.

These skins can be sold in online markets, as players will happily pay for the most interesting or rarest skins, with prices reaching thousands of dollars for some weapons. This value is what makes CS: GO skin gambling possible, as you use your skins to make your stake instead of adding your own money to your gambling account. You can then bet on pro CS: GO tournaments or other games like roulette and coin flips.

Top Alternatives to CS: GO Skin Gambling Sites

Once you find out all about CS skins gambling, you might conclude that this isn’t what you had in mind. The good news is that different ways of gambling might suit you better. You can bet using real money in a variety of ways, with cryptocurrencies and NFTs giving you the great options listed below.  

  1. Crypto Sports Betting. This is where you bet with cryptocurrencies on your favorite sports, like football and basketball. The best of these sites have a wide range of sports covered and many different types of bets you can choose from, so sport-lovers should definitely find something that they like the look of.  
  2. Crypto Casino Games. Another similar option is to use your crypto funds to bet on casino games like slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette. There are usually numerous versions of these games, with additional rules and features. The emergence of live dealer games has added extra excitement to this area.
  3. Decentralized Gaming Platforms. Also known as Web3 gaming, this is an area where you’ll find decentralized gaming platforms driven by the blockchain. They often offer the chance to earn tokens or NFTs as part of the game and it’s an industry that we can expect to see growing far more in the near future.
  4. Crypto Esports Betting. This could be the ideal approach for someone who is investigating CS: GO skins gambling but isn’t yet convinced. With this option you bet, using cryptocurrencies, on the outcome of professional esports matches and tournaments. As well as CS: GO, you might want to bet on League of Legends, Dota 2, and other classics.
  5. NFT-based Gaming. These are blockchain-based games where you aim to collect NFTs as you play or make the NFTs that you own more valuable over time. Games like Axie Infinity and Decentraland have shown us how this can work, but there’s still the feeling that there’s a lot more to come in this respect.

One crucial area to consider is that these industries are all regulated to varying degrees, which is an issue with the unregulated and sometimes controversial area of CS: Go skin match betting. For example, the areas of casinos, esports betting, and sports betting are heavily regulated and you can look for a professional, trustworthy site like Jack’s House.

It’s also worth noting that the casino and betting sectors are now well-established all over the world. This means that the more recent changes we’ve seen have simply been upgrades to an existing model, with the likes of live in-play betting and cryptocurrency use added to a way of betting that’s been popular for a long time.

Emerging areas such as NFT-based gaming and decentralized gaming platforms are relatively new, which means that they present possible opportunities as well as risks. It isn’t yet 100% clear in which direction these ways of gaming will move in the future as more new technology is introduced.

How CS: GO Skin Gambling Works?

The basic idea behind CS: GO skin gambling in the USA, Canada, or elsewhere is very simple. As demand for the best skins has grown, players have found that these can become valuable assets. By gambling with them, you simply use a skin as a way of funding your betting, rather than adding cash to your betting account.

As you can imagine, this is a way of betting on pro CS: GO games, but you can also use it to be in some other way. If you win, you get back the value of the skin you deposited together with whatever profit you make. The profit might be in skins or some form of in-game currency.

Future of Legit CS: GO Skin Gambling

One of the biggest issues with CS: GO skin betting is that it’s never been a fully regulated industry. This is why it’s been a controversial subject and why Valve has cracked down on it in the past. For this type of gambling to have a legitimate future, it needs to take place on regulated sites such as those that currently offer crypto-based esports betting and casino games.

You should also be aware that the switch from CS: GO to CS2 in 2023 doesn’t affect the skins you currently own. If you move to the new game, you’ll find that your skins are there waiting for you. Therefore, we might hear about both CS: GO and CS2 gambling with skins in the future, but regulating these sites to make them safe and reliable for users remains the key point that will determine what happens next.

History of CS: GO Skin Gambling

CS: GO was released in 2012 and a year later the developer, Valve, brought in an update allowing users to update and personalize the game by modifying their weapons. This was a success but it was the introduction of the open market for players and developers to buy and sell items that pushed the popularity sky-high.

While Valve only officially backed the market, players began to explore other things they could do using the value of their skins. By 2015, games like blackjack and roulette began to spread and were getting backed by streamers who showed players how to get started on betting with their CS skins. However, none of this was approved or authorized by Valve, so since the start it’s been a controversial subject and using the sites has been a risk.

This has caused Valve to crack down and try to get these gambling sites closed down. It’s been partly successful, but there are still some CS: GO skin match betting sites running. This is despite newsworthy incidents such as the Twitch streamer who got banned a couple of years ago promoting gambling with CS: GO skins.

How Do People Bet with Skins?

The process for doing this is easier than you might think. You need to choose a gambling site and sign up. To fund your account, you deposit a skin and, in most cases, the site will put it up for auction for a limited period. Once someone makes a winning bid for your skin, you need to send it to them, after which the funds get added to your gambling account to use.

You might be asked to provide your Steam API Key to the system so that they can track your trades. This is one of the areas that causes players to have some doubts about the safety and transparency of these sites. While there are some sites of this nature with a gambling license, most don’t have any type of license.

If you manage to win with your bets, how do you get your winnings out? This is normally done in a similar way to the deposits, but this way round you need to choose which skins you want to get, up to the value of the winnings sitting in your betting account.

Esports Betting at Jack’s House – Sign Up Now!

If you like the idea of CS: GO betting or CS2 betting but aren’t sure about gambling with your skins, there’s an easy, trustworthy way of doing it that you need to know about. Jack’s House is a regulated site where you can find upcoming matches in major tournaments anywhere in the world.

You’ll see CS: GO matches as well as others in games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty. The key difference is that this site lets you deposit and withdraw using your chosen cryptocurrencies, and it’s fully regulated so you can do it with complete confidence too.

You can bet on the outcome of specific matches by choosing the pro team that you think will win. In addition, you might be interested in looking more deeply into each game to find alternative bets like who will win the first map or achieve a certain number of kills.

Register at Jack’s House to discover all the different ways of betting on esports with cryptos, from live betting on events currently taking place to pre-match betting.


Why Is Skin Gambling So Popular Among CS: GO Players?

The popularity of CS: GO skins has led to a thriving market for buying and selling them, which has also led to CS: GO skin match betting sites using them. This activity has been heavily promoted online by streamers and in community groups.

Does CS: GO Ban Gambling?

Valve is the CS: GO developer and they’ve discouraged gambling with skins in the past. Their crackdowns have caused some of these gambling sites to close down, but there are still skin gambling sites available.

What Are the Risks of Skin Gambling?

As well as the risk of losing your skins/money, you also take a risk if you play on an unregulated betting site. This skins gambling industry has gained a poor reputation in the past and offers few guarantees of safety, considering that you need to provide your Steam API Key.

Where Can I Gamble with CS: GO Skins?

There are some CS: GO gambling sites that let you deposit and withdraw skins. However, this is a controversial industry where a lack of regulation and transparency may cause you to think twice before getting involved. Alternatives such as regulated esports betting sites provide a more reliable option.

Do CS: GO Gambling Sites Still Exist?

Yes, despite crackdowns from Valve and a poor reputation, these sites can still be found online. As licensed and regulated esports gambling sites that accept cryptos are now so popular, it remains to be seen if skin gambling eventually disappears.

Is It Illegal to Sell CS: GO Skins for Real Money?

You should only sell CS: GO skins in the Valve-approached market. If you do it any other way, you risk getting your account closed down although many users report using third-party markets without issues. The question of gambling with CS: GO skins is trickier since Valve has cracked down severely.

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