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CSGO Betting Guide: How to Bet on CSGO in 2024
7 min read

CSGO Betting Guide: How to Bet on CSGO in 2024

9 min read

CS: GO betting has become a popular activity all over the planet, as fans discover how easy it is to do. As part of the fast-growing esports industry, this game has become one of the top options that everyone wants to play or watch others playing. In terms of how it all works, CS: GO bets aren’t difficult to make and you’ll soon understand how it works once you’ve read the information here. One of the big advantages right now is that you can find out how to bet on CS: GO safely and conveniently, with options like using crypto to place your wagers at Jack’s House. You don’t need to be a betting expert or have done a lot of research into the esports industry to get started. All you need to do is learn a few basic points and then you’re ready to choose your bets.CS: GO is getting replaced by CS2 in the esports world in the next year, as the new game from Valve is getting phased into tournaments. However, don’t worry, as most of the information we’re going to cover here works for both games and any other game you might want to bet on.

Table of Contents

What is CS: GO?CS: GO Betting: A Beginner’s GuideHistory of CS: GO BettingCS: GO Betting OddsCS: GO Betting StrategiesReasons to Try CS: GO BettingBiggest Events for CS: GO Betting

What is CS: GO?

With the full title of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this game was released in 2012 by Valve as the fourth title in the Counter-Strike series. It’s best described as a tactical first-person shooter in which you play as part of a team.

One team is made up of Terrorists and the other is filled with Counter-Terrorists. They meet across a variety of maps with certain objectives to be fulfilled. For example, the Terrorists might be tasked with placing a bomb somewhere while the Counter-Terrorists try to stop them from doing this.

Each team has five players in it, who carry out specific roles such as Sniper, Entry Fragger, and Lurker. It’s a game where precision shooting, clever movement, and clear communication are all needed. CS: GO is one of the most popular games in esports, with many pro tournaments held each year.

CS: GO Betting: A Beginner’s Guide

The simplest type of bet on CS: GO matches is on the outcome of a match. If you’ve ever placed sports bets then this is like a moneyline bet where you’re predicting who the winner will be. In this case, nothing else matters except the outcome, as this is what will determine whether you win your wager or not.

Place a CS: GO bet of this type by going into a gambling site and looking for the CS: GO section. You’ll see a list of the upcoming games and tournaments where the opposing teams are listed with their odds next to them. Click on a team name and you’ll be taken to the bet slip. At this point, you can enter the amount you want to wager and see how much you would win.

If you’re trying this for the first time, one of the top CS: GO betting tips is to stick to teams you’re familiar with. Choosing live betting is another good idea, as this means you can watch the games take place and bet according to how the action progresses.

What if you feel that you know what is going to happen on the next map? This is an example of the more specific type of CS: GO bet you can make. This game is typically played until one team wins 16 rounds, but you can get the result of your wager more quickly by betting on a specific map. Other specific bets you might want to consider include the total number of maps won or who gets the game’s first kill.

Under/over bets give you more leeway, as you’re predicting that a team will get more or less than the stated number of maps or kills. You can also use the points spread or handicap betting to take into account which team is favorite.

History of CS: GO Betting

People have been carrying out competitive gaming ever since the first home consoles and computers made this possible towards the end of the 20th century, and it seems likely that many of them were keen to wager on the outcome.

However, the current vibrant market for you to bet on CS: GO matches is possible due to several advances in technology. For a start, live streaming has boosted the profile of esports immensely, with the arrival of Twitch in 2011 proving to be a significant step forward for the industry.

CS: GO was launched in 2012 and quickly became one of the world’s most popular games, with the chance to stream the action on Twitch a major factor in this. Tournaments with large prizes already existed, with the original Counter-Strike included in competitive matches right from the start of its life.  

Online betting technology has added the final piece of the puzzle, as we can now place our CS: GO bets easily and safely. It’s interesting to note that this game has been present for all of the major advances in esports betting in the last decade or so, and that’s one of the reasons why CS: GO gambling is so popular now.

CS: GO Betting Odds

The simplest way to understand CS: GO betting odds is by looking at some real odds. At the time of writing, we can see the odds for the upcoming match between Aurora Gaming and Movistar Riders in the ESL Challenger Atlanta 2023: European Qualifier.

Aurora is listed as favorite with odds of 1.45 (-222 if you prefer the US format) to win the game outright, so if we put $10 in the bet slip it tells us that we would win $14.50. Movistar is listed at 2.63 (+163), so when we put $10 in the slip, we see $26.30 as the possible return.

If we move into the first map betting correct score, we can see a long list of odds covering all the possible outcomes. For example, if you think that Aurora will win 13:0 then you’ll get odds of 14.27 (+1327). Put $10 on this and you could win $142.70. If you think it will be 13:11 then the odds drop to 9.05 (+805) so the potential win on $10 is $90.50.

In this way, it’s easy to look through the different odds for CS: GO in the US and Canada to find something that appeals to you. It only takes a moment to see if the return on offer makes it worthwhile.

CS: GO Betting Strategies

When learning how to bet on CS: GO, your first step is to work out where you want to bet and what your budget is. After this, you’ll want to check the upcoming matches and tournaments, to see which you believe you can predict correctly.

It’s up to you how much research you carry out, but clearly, the more you understand the better your chances are. Is one of the teams renowned for starting matches quickly or is one of them going through a bad run of losing games?

Choosing pre-match betting gives you more time to weigh up all the factors and decide what you think will happen. Live betting is faster and you’ll need to react to the events that occur on the screen and work out whether the advantage appears to swing one way or the other.

Reasons to Try CS: GO Betting

People have chosen to bet on sporting events throughout human history because it’s fun and also gives them a chance to use their knowledge or instincts to win money. The current popularity of esports means that it’s now an option that appeals to many of us.

If you’re a fan of CS: GO and currently watch esports tournaments you might consider this to be the next natural step to take. By doing this, you can put your knowledge to good use with CS: GO betting while enjoying the games even more.

Or perhaps you’re simply looking to add some excitement and tension to your days by gambling on something new to you. The best CS: GO betting sites make it extremely simple for you to get started and place your first wagers without any fuss.

The way that live betting can be carried out while you watch a live stream of the action adds an extra edge to the activity, as the top tournaments provide a variety of fast-moving and entertaining matches. When you’ve got a bet riding on the outcome, it becomes even more captivating, as you’ll be willing on your chosen team to do what you need them to do.

Is CS: GO Betting Safe?

This is a completely safe activity provided that you choose a professional, regulated CS: GO betting site like Jack’s House. You can move funds in and out using your chosen cryptocurrency and your data will always be protected. Just as importantly, you’ll find fair odds and get rapid payouts when you win.

Biggest Events for CS: GO Betting

The CS: GO esports industry is going through a massive upsurge now and there are many top-quality events all over the world featuring the best teams. Bear in mind that these tournaments will be switching to CS2 at some point in the future, as the new game replaces CS: GO. The following are some of the major events to look out for.

Esports Betting at Jack’s House – Sign Up Now!

If you’re ready to take the next step and start betting on CS: GO with real money wagers, registering as a new user at Jack’s House is a great start. You can quickly get set up and add crypto funds so that you’re ready to place your first wager as soon as you find a match that catches your eye.

We’ve created a simple signup process that guides you through the start of your journey effortlessly. In just a moment, you’ll be all set to check out the latest odds and see what teams you think are going to win their match.

We give you a completely safe environment where you can bet with confidence. A user-friendly interface lets you flick easily through all the live and upcoming tournaments, where you’ll find the latest odds constantly updated to give you the fairest way of gambling on this game.

Sign up at Jack’s House and discover why so many people love carrying out their CS: GO betting with us. You’ll find the rest of the most popular esports games and tournaments here too, so there’s no need to look anywhere else.

Legality Behind Esports Crypto Betting

There are a couple of points to look at here. The first is the legality of esports betting. In some countries, this is banned while in others it’s perfectly legal but unregulated. A growing number of countries, including Canada, and certain US states, are legalizing sports betting, so it’s a question of checking the laws where you live.

As for cryptocurrencies, the laws are subject to change in this fast-moving world. For the moment it’s legal but controlled in some form in many countries, including Canada and the US. As with online gambling, it is a good idea to check the current rules before you start any crypto esports betting.

Tips to Play Esports with Crypto

There’s no way to guarantee that you’ll win when you gamble, but following some of the top tips listed here will help you increase your chances of making a profit.


Does CS: GO Betting Still Exist?

Yes, this is one of the most popular games for esports fans to bet on, with many tournaments across the year. At the time of writing, it’s set to be replaced in the competitive gaming world by the updated CS2, but expect CS: GO to remain popular.

What CS: GO Events Should I Bet On?

There are numerous events held over the year, such as the ESL Pro League and the BLAST Premier. Ideally, you should aim to place your wagers on matches where you feel confident because of your knowledge of the teams taking part and their current form.

Is CS: GO Betting Safe?

Yes, this type of pro sports betting is perfectly safe to do. You need to choose a regulated and responsible esports betting site like Jack’s House, where you’re sure to feel at home and can trust them to give the best odds and a smooth process.

Is it Easy to Bet on CS: GO?

Yes, the process of betting on CS: GO matches is simple, as you just need to choose the type of bet you want to make and how much to wager. As you become more advanced, you might want to look into the different types of bets, but the outright winner bet is simplest to begin with.

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